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Our mission is to combine our experiences, knowledge and energies in a beautiful
environment to collectively assist each other in transformation and renewal.


My friends Erin Thole, Sarah Soderland and I have formed a collective called Remedy Retreats and we are excited to share! Here are my seminar teasers to entice you into beginning and continuing your renewal and transformation with us in May! Check out Remedy Retreats for  more information about accommodations, additional seminars, and ALL that’s included in this transformational weekend! We are looking forward to healing with a group of powerful women just like you!

Our Bodies, Our Greatest Tool
This class is ultimately about true freedom! Not freedom in the sense of rights or doing what we want whenever we want, freedom in our minds. The place no other can control but us. The one place where we determine what reality we want. This class will explain why paying attention to how we feel is important and help us identify exactly what we feel. From here we determine whether or not this feeling serves us, and delve into the corresponding belief we are buying into in the first place. An intro to remapping the brain. A jump start into renewing our lives. A step on the path to freedom!

Springtime Balance
Let’s check in with our current lifestyles! We will begin by examining our primary food areas of life i.e. physical activity, relationships, career, and spirituality. Are these areas strong or lacking? Lets examine our plate. What foods are we putting into our body? Are we getting veggies and grains in or is protein the majority of our food intake? Of course its springtime which means it’s liver time! The liver will be the featured organ of this class and weekend retreat. This class will offer a bonus focus on how we can extra support our lovable livers in our daily lives! Balance in our primary food, balance in our secondary food with an emphasis on liver supporting habits we can all incorporate on a regular basis!

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